On the floor we operate a LEAN philosophy which is responsive to customer needs and timelines. We are constantly striving to improve process and investing in newer technology to improve accuracy and speed that the market demands.

A hotel bedroom is generally recognised as the most hostile environment for a piece of furniture, so we use an Ultra Violet finishing process which utilises a series of sanders, lacquer rollers and driers.

This process provides the toughest possible finish and meets the FIRA 6250 “severe” rating. No other finish can match this for durability toughness and resistance to water, solvents and even acid.

Furniture is then assembled by our select  team of joiners. This is where our credo of caring craftsmanship is most evident.

Each item is then ready for barcoding, packing and distribution.

We care about the environment.

Indeed we are passionate about it.

We have been working to reduce our carbon footprint for many years. In the last year we have commissioned a complete factory heating system using our wood waste. We have installed the most efficient lighting and we have modified each and every machine to use the least amount of power. Our emissions to the environment are the lowest achievable and are constantly under review with the aim of reducing to zero.