Drawing Office

ODonnells are one of the few manufacturers in the UK and Ireland to use the 3D CAD system Pytha.

Pytha is a fast and professional software solution for drawing three-dimensional designs. It links with 3D Analyzer Software to facilitate a seamless transfer to the machining and production process. Drawing in 3D rather than 2D saves a lot of time. For example, if you have 2D drawings of a piece of furniture, you may need several different drawings and if amendments are made, each and every drawing has to be changed. However, in 3D, everything is in one drawing and therefore if there is a modification to any of the design, one change does it all. Architects and designers with whom we work often comment on how good our 3D drawings are and that they can clearly see what is what.

Once all the designs and finishes are agreed, Pytha moves the project to the production stage via the 3D Analyzer Software “screen 2 machine” computer system. By linking the drawing to the factory floor, cutting lists & machine programs are automatically produced saving production time and ensuring we can be competitive with our prices. Accuracy is guaranteed so that what is made is exactly what has been drawn and approved by the client and all their agents from architects to designers and FF&E suppliers.