“When my grandfather began making precision crafted furniture in 1902, he was guided by one simple and powerful force; furniture making is more than just a job, it is a passion. This passion remains today. My grandfather and uncle were furniture makers and as they say in West Cork, ‘it’s in the blood.’ Aodh O’Donnell, my son, works with me. Four generations of furniture making. It’s some history. I remember the grandfather caressing a piece of wood. I remember the magic. He wouldn’t recognise the business today. The technology, the new materials, the techniques, but if he saw his great-grandson caressing a piece of wood, he would understand the magic is still there.”

Jim O’Donnell

Jim O’Donnell

You know how important it is.

In choosing a furniture manufacturer, you make all kinds of decisions; sensitive decisions about style and aesthetics, technical decisions about specifications and durability, peace of mind decisions about capacity to produce and ability to manage the project.

So do we.

In business since the mid-1970’s, O’Donnell Furniture Makers began by making a range of teak and oak furniture which was exported to the USA, Canada and the UK.  We are proud of our reputation for innovation and flexibility and have evolved to become one of the leading manufacturers of contract furniture. ‘Leading’ because we understand our customers’ needs and deliver on our promises. We have specialised in hotel bedroom furniture since 1983.


Our West Cork Ireland roots date back to 1902 when John Reen, great grandfather of our present day Managing Director, Aodh ODonnell, made a chair from a local ash tree.

In the 1970s, we made a range of teak and oak furniture which was exported to the USA, Canada and the UK. During this time we perfected the DANISH system of furniture making, which is still our company standard today. For the last 25 years or so we have been focused on hotel bedroom furniture where we have developed an outstanding reputation for quality and service.

Quality & Material

All processes and services, on and off the factory floor are accredited to ISO 9001:2015.  Our  factory incorporates state of the art equipment including Altendorf Panel Saws, automatic staining and polishing lines, Rye C.N.C. router, Biesse point-to-point boring machine, Heeseman sanders and a range of spindle moulders and other woodworking machinery.

A wide range of materials are employed such as solid woods, veneers, inlays, laminates and foils, incorporating design details such as metal, glass, lighting, marble and granite. Surfaces are finished with the latest technology – Ultra Violet Lacquer – providing the toughest finish and meeting FIRA 6250 ‘severe’ ratings