FSC® certified products available upon request

Upon request, O’Donnell Furniture Makers are more than happy to quote for projects that are FSC® certified.  The FSC® certification is how the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) verifies that forest-based materials are produced according to their rigorous standards and are credibly used along the product’s path from the forest to becoming finished goods.  The FSC label on a finished product signals that the materials used during production have met the chain of custody requirements at every step in the supply chain, from sourcing to distribution.

FSC is the World’s most trusted forest certification and is a proven, impactful method to prevent deforestation, preserve biodiversity and protect Human Rights.  Their open and transparent standards include safeguards to ensure that stakeholders throughout the forest supply chain live up to the principles that protect healthy and resilient forests for all, forever!

O’Donnell Furniture is proud to have achieved this certification and adopt the 10 FSC principles in all FSC produced products.  After all, the future of the forests are in our hands!