ODonnells have 60,000 sq feet of a clean, warm, and well laid out manufacturing facility. It is equipped with state of the art technology in machinery and is staffed by skilled craftsmen. We operate on the “Lean” philosophy which ensures smooth flow to meet the pull of the customer.

We are constantly challenging ourselves to find a better way with the ultimate aim of perfection. Two of our senior managers have recently received the Lean Black Belt accreditation from the University of Limerick. We are also ISO 9001 accredited.

Production processes have been specially planned, tooled and integrated to answer the need to work with a wide range of materials from solid woods to veneers and inlays, laminates, and foils.

The ODonnell factory is often asked to rise to challenges presented by some of today’s foremost designers by seeking solutions to incorporate unusual design details using metal, glass, lighting, marble, granite, etc…

Surfaces are completed with the latest technology to provide the toughest finish and meet FIRA 6250 ‘severe’ ratings.

Machine Hall
It is a long way from the craftsmanship of 1902. It’s almost all machines now. ODonnells buy the best. In 2007 the company spent over €2M on new and sophisticated machinery.

Ultra Violet Finishing
ODonnells use ultra violet finishing as standard. The ultra violet finishing process involves a series of sanders, lacquer rollers and dryers. The furniture is processed in component form to ensure uniformity of finish.

It is assembled later. This system gives a superior finish which conforms to BS6250 severe use. No other finish comes near for durability, toughness and resistance to water, solvents and even acid.

This is where care and craftsmanship come into play. Accurate and carefully made components are put together with precision and attention to detail. When ODonnells were learning to make furniture to the Danish standard, they learned the significance of the joint to the structure of the finished product.

ODonnells use a Danish high precision spiral groove dowel which is oven dried before use. This gives a far superior and stable joint.

Samples and Specials
ODonnells recognise the client’s need for a prototype or sample room. We have a dedicated sample room/specials facility. It is, if you like, a smaller version of the main factory with its own staff, machinery and facilities.

Each sample room is treated in exactly the same way as a full project. A project manager is appointed who manages and cares for it from start to finish. We know that the sample room is vital and is the reference point for the full contract.

Packing, Transport, Distribution and Fitting
We often say there isn’t much point in making furniture that looks great in the factory unless we can maintain its beauty all the way to the hotel room.

That is why we pay so much attention to this area. We carefully wrap and pack each piece of furniture and label it with its destination room number, to ensure that we get it to the correct location on site.

The furniture is stacked on pallets, shrink wrapped and banded to give maximum protection. On site the pallets are unloaded, broken down and the furniture items are carefully distributed to the correct rooms – all under close supervision of our Site Manager.

Our fitting teams are expert at their jobs ensuring that the final product is installed with the care and skill that it deserves.